installing and fixing pvc roof sheet for the farm, factory, plant

7 points for installing and fixing PVC roof sheet

PVC roof tiles have multiple advantages such as waterproof and moisture-proof, anti-corrosion and flame-retardant, thermal insulation, and noise prevention. After standard installation, they are usually installed once and for all, and maintenance-free in the later period. However, if the installation is not standardized, the later replacement or Repairing is also more troublesome, so you must pay attention to 7 points when installing PVC roof sheet:

1. The roof sheet, wall panels and ceiling series can be fixed with professional fixing parts provided by the manufacturer or self-tapping screws.
2. The corrugated roof sheet must be fixed with professional fasteners provided by the manufacturer.
3. The nails can only be fixed on the wave crest, and a set of waterproof fixing parts should be installed every interval of the wave crest.